Pedro Manuel Molina Gómez

Pedro M. Molina Gómez

Salesforce Developer

Company: Desynit

Stream: В

Time: 15:00 - 15:45 (GMT +02:00)

Country: Spain

Language: English

Talk: From Platform Events to the Pub/Sub API

About the Speaker

I have been working with Salesforce for over 6 years and I am an active person in the Salesforce ecosystem. Currently one of the organizers of dreamOle, the Salesforce community conference in Spain, I have been Salesforce MVP for 3 years in the past, organizer of the Salesforce Granada developers group, and I try to participate by running sessions in other Salesforce community conferences at least twice by year.

Talk: From Platform Events to the Pub/Sub API

Come join me to find out how we can implement event-driven apps in Salesforce. I will go through the full process of migrating an app, from the Platform Events approach and the Pub/Sub API approach. There will be a comparison and a special focus on the pros and cons of both solutions.