Igor Androsov

Technical Architect Director

Company: Salesforce/MuleSoft

Stream: А

Time: 17:00 - 17:45 (GMT +02:00)

Country: Japan

Language: English

Talk: Discover, manage and govern APIs with universal API management

About the Speaker

Igor Androsov Technical Architect with a quarter century of industry experience. He has been working with cloud technologies over the past decade, building Enterprise & Mobile Cloud solutions with Salesforce, Heroku, AWS and iOS. He is a founder of Tampa Bay Salesforce Developer group, holds 20 Salesforce and 3 MuleSoft Certifications and speaks 4 languages.

Talk: Discover, manage and govern APIs with universal API management

From improving business agility to enhancing connectivity, universal API management (UAPIM) on Anypoint Platform enables MuleSoft & Salesforce customers to comprehensively view, manage and enable API governance at scale. MuleSoft’s UAPIM capabilities enable customers to discover APIs built across the organization on any tech stack and manage those APIs within a single view.
In this session, we will:
1. Define MuleSoft’s vision and discuss why universal APIs are important
2. Explore universal API management product features, capabilities, use cases, and examples
3. Demonstrate deployment models and showcase how Flex Gateway can help address
4. Explore how API governance helps organizations remain compliant while maintaining quality standards, and security